Those responsible for the economic health of communities are discovering that public art and placemaking offer creative solutions to the problems of development—by fostering pride and pleasure as well as bottom-line opportunity.

Djerbahood: Art in the Arab Street

An innovative and ambitious festival brings more than 100 street artists, from 30 countries, to Tunisia.

Performing a Post-Prison Economy

Theater has the power to dispel fixed ideas about community renewal | Ashley Hanson, Appleton, MN

A derelict church becomes an art-energized community center

An affordable-housing agency runs an art/performance venue | Cook Inlet Housing Authority, Anchorage

Three artist-activists help a neighborhood dream about, and develop, its economic future

Clarifying the permitting process while celebrating community | Las Imaginistas, Brownsville, TX

A community revives a building abandoned after a fire

A historic building sat vacant for years; an artist turned it into a temporary performance space. | Heather Clark, Frederick, MD

Creating a downtown event space after a natural disaster

A temporary, visually engaging community events venue built by volunteers in a post-disaster city | Gap Filler, Christchurch

Producing Community through Crafted Conversations

Expanding the definition of what artists can do | Sara Daleiden, Milwaukee, WI

An Island Reborn

Public art stands to make a vital placemaking role | Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA

Norway's big investment in public art

Public art blossoms with Norway’s percent-for-art program | Oslo, Norway

Ethical Redevelopment

What if cities were designed as if people mattered? | Theaster Gates, Place Lab

The Power of Impermanence

Temporary art can have lasting impact on struggling communities

French Revival

A French city is reborn as a public-art hub | Nantes, France