The world is awakening to the human impacts on climate change and to our urgent need for clean energy. Learn how artists and designers are helping communities respond to and prepare for extreme weather—and reweave human connections to the planet.

Water Bar storefront

Water Justice

In the land of 10,000 lakes, artist-activists dive into water’s critical role in health, healing, equity, and historical reckoning | multiple artists, Minnesota
A 30-foot Monarch butterfly installed in a mall atrium, surrounded by hundreds of smaller butterflies


Butterflies suspended from Mall of America’s skylight were created from waste-stream materials and unveiled on Earth Day | Christopher Lutter-Gardella, Bloomington, MN
aerial view of pollution pods, an interactive installation with individual spaces where participants can experience varying levels of pollution in global cities

Pollution Pods

Geodesic domes emulate the air quality of cities around the world | Michael Pinsky, Tautra, Norway and global installations
Biodiversity Tower in Willebroek, Belgium, is filled with life. Demonstrating biological processes, it has a wind turbine, water pump, drip irrigation system, plants, and an “insect hotel.” Located near a former Nazi concentration camp, its focus on diversity stands in contrast to resurgent xenophobia.

Biodiversity Tower

Filled with life, the tower demonstrates biology. Near a former Nazi concentration camp, its focus on diversity contrasts resurgent xenophobia | Angelo Vermeulen, Willebroek, Belgium

A meditative, self-contained ecosystem

A simple re-creation of the water cycle illustrates our dependence on such systems, and encourages reflection | Matthew Mazzotta, Springfield, MO

A Pop-up Design Lab in a Madrid Plaza

A portable, adaptable mini-greenhouse that became a public workshop for generating ideas | Enorme Studio and MINI Hub, Madrid

Sculpture considers hot, dry climates

Green sculpture integrates plants, water, ventilation | Adam Kalinowski, Wroclaw, Poland

DIY Parks

Two ongoing public art projects expand definitions of parkland in the city.

Waterless Pools

Futility in the face of climate change | Tamara Johnson, Long Island City, NY + Socrates Sculpture Park

Future Reading

Considering our place on earth in the context of geological time and change | Katie Paterson, Oslo

Seven Magic Mountains

Ugo Rondinone's striking cairns evoke the meditative mindset of rock balancing | Las Vegas

Ritual River

Repurposing local pottery to showcase environmental issues | Manav Gupta, New Delhi, India

Introducing urban dwellers to the redwood forest

A 1:100 scale of a protected, inaccessible section of California's Redwood National Park | Spencer Finch, Brooklyn

Creating habitat by raising sculptures in the sea

Four towering stainless steel sentinels are creating an artificial reef | Kinmen, Taiwan

Kai Tak Green Corridor

Bringing awareness and action to a polluted stretch of water | Wallace Ping Hung Chang, Hong Kong

Fire on the Veld

An environmental artist integrates science and art in nature | Hannelie Coetzee, Johannesburg, South Africa

Trash to Treasure

Generating energy in a garbage dump turned public park | Fresh Kills Landfill, Staten Island, New York

Homestead Act

Stopping a gas pipeline by copyrighting land as art | Peter von Tiesenhausen, Alberta, Canada

Climate Storytelling

Artists help us see the impacts of climate change | Various locations