The gap between the 1 percent and the 99 percent continues to widen in America and globally. Meanwhile, the continuing legacy of racism and other forms of discrimination make themselves felt. Here’s how art and placemaking efforts are promoting equal access to the necessities and the joys of life.

An aerial view looks down over a street where vehicle traffic is blocked and people are gathered

“Pre-Enacting” the Future in Indianapolis

A unique community performance helps the residents of an inner-city neighborhood resist gentrification | Harrison Center for the Arts, Indianapolis, Indiana
a large-scale black sculpture of a black woman with distinct braids is visible agove a bridge, in the middle of a NYC street.

Brick House

A sculptural bust of a Black woman is the inaugural commission for the High Line Plinth | Simone Leigh, Manhattan, New York
People sitting in a circle

Design for Equity

There’s a new kind of practitioner in town, one that bridges the gap between good design and social justice—and dismantles systems of exclusion | various artists and locations

A steam-powered statement, a raucous response to racism

As in all of Walker’s work, the darkness in The Katastwóf Karavan is shot through with strange whimsy and irony | Kara Walker with Jason Moran, New Orleans

Prison-issues study center by day, nightclub by night

Education, dance, and a record album, all aimed at ending mass incarceration | Phil Collins, The Fortune Society, and Creative Time, New York

A movement to give women muralists their due in Argentina and beyond

Large-scale portraits of women invite both admiration and contemplation | Mariela Ajras, Buenos Aires

Staying put when gentrification starts taking over

Artists respond to gentrification in New York City's Chinatown | Chinatown Art Brigade, New York

Mural honoring Ojibwe woman acts as peaceful protest

Ganawenjige Onigam acts as a peaceful protest in favor of gender equity, education, and renewable energy | Votan, Duluth.

Remembering murdered and missing indigenous women

A traveling memorial pays tribute to missing and murdered indigenous women | Christi Belcourt, Traveling memorial

Room for Everyone

A new public art administrator’s path to reaching underrepresented artists | Joan Vorderbruggen, Minneapolis

Facing the Reality of Racial Terror

A memorial challenges Confederate monuments | Equal Justice Initiative, Montgomery, AL

Luxury to Forget

A project prompts discussion about our justice system | Emily Baxter, Minnesota

Monumental Changes

New thinking about historical monuments | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The MLK Mural

A city preserves its cultural heritage | Meg Saligman, Chattanooga, TN

Resist: Artists Raise their Voices for Justice

Artists around the country question what is and why

Art as a Foundation for Equity

Wildflowers maps the artists of Tenderloin | San Francisco, CA

Go Beyond Talking

A conversation on arts, equity, and demographic change | Roberta Uno, California