With more and more of the world’s people crowding into cities, and many major cities becoming too expensive for all but the very rich, artists and designers are responding with ingenious ways to rethink and revitalize urban living space.

The community houses of Power House Productions

An artist-led neighborhood revitalization project | Gina Reichert and Mitch Cope, Detroit

Bringing the lives of the easily ignored into the awareness of their neighbors

Stories of people experiencing homelessness | Lava Mae, ZERO1, and collaborators, San Francisco

Home Makers

New shapes for housing – and home | Rick Lowe, Houston, Texas

Flowing Two Ways

Bringing big-scale beauty to subsidized housing | Stephen Glassman, New York, New York

Repair Needed

Calling attention to needed repairs | Alex Chinneck, Kent, United Kingdom

Wandering Space

A small, mobile, adaptable structure | Kacey Wong, Hong Kong


Micro-housing revitalizes neighborhoods | ZAO/standardarchitecture, Beijing, China

Breathing Lights

Shining a light in (and on) vacant houses | Adam Frelin and Barbara Nelson, Albany, Schenectady and Troy, New York