portrait of Kao Lee Thao

Kao Lee Thao

2020 Early-Career Project Grantee | $8,000

Illuminated Folktale

Kao Lee Thao will create Illuminated Folktale, an oversized lantern installation with projected Hmong folktales animated on the surface, presented at the Little Mekong Night Market. This Lub Teeb (lantern) will light up the night and display visual representations of Hmong folktales, customarily an oral tradition.

Kao Lee Thao is a visual artist and 3d animator whose work is inspired by dreams, culture, and personal experiences. Her visual style is infused with an expressively fluid style that allows viewers to travel into the past and see the echo of themes and patterns from the past. With every stroke she leaves behind a window into her soul sparking inspiration in others.

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