portrait of Missy Whiteman

Missy Whiteman

2020 Mid-Career Project Grantee | $10,000

The Coyote Way: X – Expanded Cinema Experience

The Coyote Way: X is a new form of Indigenous storytelling infused with Expanded Cinema experience (XR experience) utilizing 360 VR, video synthesizer, projection, performance, and live score. Rooted deep in Ancestral knowledge and traditional stories, The Coyote Way gives a new life that rises up through the cracks of the broken sidewalks, built on ancestral ground, deepened in cellular memory and star knowledge.

Missy Whiteman (Northern Arapaho and Kickapoo), an Emmy Nominated writer, director, producer and multi media artists. Whiteman understands her work to be a voice for her ancestors and their untold stories of ancient knowledge. While based in part Indigenous traditional practices and perspectives, her work also addresses themes of historical genocide, loss of culture and language. Whiteman questions the connection of life, death spirit world and the rebirth process of revitalizing DNA memory, spirit healing and redefinition of cultural identity. Many of Missy’s films have screened on international national and local venues such as Bilbao Spain, National Geographic All Roads Festival and the Walker Art Center. Missy was raised in an artistic home. Her biggest influence is her father Ernest Whiteman, who gave her the gift of artistic vision and ancient wisdom. Missy Whiteman’s upbringing in Minneapolis, Minnesota gave her the opportunity to learn and grow in her artistic abilities because of her relationships with other Native artists and filmmakers of various social and ethnic backgrounds. Today, as well as being a writer, director and producer, Missy is also a cultural consultant with Independent Indigenous Film and Media (IIFM). As a digital media and producer and consultant, she also partners with larger institutions and organizations, specializing in digital media workshop facilitation, video screenings, film & video programming/curation, public speaking and artist residencies.

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