Artists and other cultural professionals are going beyond simply planning and creating art for municipal public art plans. They’re contributing to the direction of government at many levels.

Arabian Artscape

The United Arab Emirates’ nascent public art scene | multiple artists

Future IDs at Alcatraz

Offering people an opportunity to reflect on the American criminal justice system and second chances for people who’ve been in prison | Gregory Sale, San Francisco, California

A Battered Island Holds Its Head High

A hurricane, a political crisis, and years of economic dislocation have taken their toll on Puerto Rico and its artists—but passionate creativity still flourishes.

Citizenship Explored and Expanded: Dimensions of Citizenship, the U.S. contribution to Venice Architecture Biennale

Sculptural and conceptual interpretations of citizenship | multiple artists, Venice

Calling attention to public water supply and the impact of public sculptures

Making context and relationships the center of each project | Sans façon, Canada

How an artist became a leader on a $90 million infrastructure project

The lead artist on the massive 606 project talks about her role and how she got there | Frances Whitehead, Chicago

A Workable Plan for Arts Access in Los Angeles

This sweeping Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative isn’t just another wish list—the County Board of Supervisors actually mandated it | Los Angeles

Who owns public art?

The debate about privately owned public art continues | Homecoming! Committee, Fort Worth, Texas

Signs of Things to Come

A dystopian elaboration of President Trump’s stance on immigration | Plastic Jesus, multiple cities

Temporary Inspires Permanent

A counter-narrative to an official commemoration of war | Peace Action Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

The Art Department

Artists and allies create a "culture ministry" for America | Adam Horowitz and Arlene Goldbard

Partners in City Hall

Spearheading a quiet revolution in public art | Public Art Saint Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota