Sean Connaughty

Mid-Career Professional Development Grantee | $5,000

Creating a collaborative and developing designs for Lake Hiawatha and surrounding parklands.

Sean Connaughty will create a collaborative and develop concepts for public art projects at Lake Hiawatha. Lake Hiawatha Park is set to transform due to upcoming changes to be implemented after the impending reduction of groundwater pumping on the land. Ideas include: a new wildlife refuge island, trash mitigation concepts for stormwater, water quality monitoring installation, curriculum development for local schools. Connaughty will work with experts, institutions and agencies to advise and contribute.

The McKnight Foundation generously enables Forecast to provide Professional Development Grants for mid-career artists seeking to expand their work in the field of public art. Forecast mid- and early-career grants are designed to support independent projects, leadership development, professional development, risk-taking, multidisciplinary approaches, and collaborative problem-solving in the field of public art.