In Spain, over-the-road trucks are bringing challenging contemporary art to places that rarely see it. The Truck Art Project, an ongoing collaboration between Jaime Colsa, owner of the transport firm Palibex (and a noted art collector), and Madrid’s Iam Gallery, aims to turn a total of 100 Palibex trucks into moving art galleries. As of this writing, 10 are traveling the company’s standard commercial routes, some of them turned into pop-up galleries full of artworks. The trucks themselves are also mobile murals, their trailers covered with colorful works by noted spray-can artists, some pictured here with Colsa and curators.

Featured in February at Madrid’s International Contemporary Art Fair, the Truck Art Project is still in development. Current artists include Javier Arce, Javier Calleja, Abraham Lacalle, Daniel Muñoz, Okuda San Miguel, Suso33, and Marina Vargas.

Jen Dolen, a photographer and Forecast Public Art’s content + communications coordinator, is on the editorial team for Public Art Review.

Featured in Public Art Review #55.